MBZ Basic Standalone

When your project needs only a basic Arduino with 5V power supply, this is the minimum configuration.

List of Components




MicroprocessorATMega328P-PU with bootloader
7805LM7805 - 5V voltage regulator
C1, C222pF - ceramic capacitors (marked "22")
C3100nF - ceramic capacitors (marked "104")
C4, C547µF / 16V - electrolytic capacitors
R1, R510KΩ - resistors, tolerance ±5% (brown, black, orange, gold)
R24.7KΩ - resistor, tolerance ±5% (yellow, violet, red, gold)
D1, D21N4007 (or 1N4001) - diodes
Led On, Led D13Red and green - 3mm leds
16 MHzCrystal oscilator 16 MHz
ResetTactile push button
7-12VP4 power plug
Male headers2.54mm Single Row 1x20 Pin Header
Female header2.54mm Single female headers: 1x6 pins
JumpersJumper Short Circuit Cap Connection 2.54mm
 IC Socket IC Socket 28 pins

Components Layout

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